Concerns Regarding SWTOR Contraband Resale Corporation Reputation

During the last two days, many threads on the official swtor forums pop up, mostly discussing new Cartel Market reputation. These are some of the most important answers from SWTOR devs:

Source: Eric Musco | Community Manager
One thing I did want point out is that I know sometimes there may be a misconception that because we are releasing new items into the Cartel Market, that we are not producing other content. Just to make everyone aware that our Cartel Market and content development teams are two very different things internally.

That is to say, us producing new items for the Cartel Market does not adversely mean we are not producing content. We are always doing both of these things and they are released accordingly.

I am not sure if that directly addresses any of your concerns, but I thought this would be a good place to make mention of that. Also, as you can imagine our “content developers” are pretty busy with Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Game Update 2.0. I did attempt to address some of the other concerns that you raised in one of my other posts as well, you can see that here (I think you saw it already but just in case).

Source: Eric Musco | Community Manager
I can see from reading over this thread (and some others) that there are some questions around this new Reputation so I wanted to hopefully clarify a few points in this thread.

  • Reputation is based on money spent! – Although to an extent this is certainly true as the Reputation is gained by opening Contraband Packs, keep in mind that if you do not want to spend Cartel Coins on packs you always have the option of purchasing them through the GTN from other players. I know this will not diffuse the notion that it is a “pay to Reputation” but it is an alternative to spending Cartel Coins if that was your primary concern.
  • Pay To Win – When designing a system for the Cartel Market this is always something we are very aware of. With this new Reputation system almost all of the items you can get have no stats and are purely cosmetic items or Adaptive shells. The only exception is the level 43 armor which was previously found on the Cartel Market.
  • Exclusive Items – As a part of this Reputation there are three vendors found on the fleet, only one of these vendors contains items exclusive to this organization (which again, has no stats on it). The other two vendors contain items which are either found in packs from Shipment One, or were previously a part of the Cartel Market (which are most likely all available from other players on the GTN). These items all cost credits, Cartel Market Certificates, or both.

I know these clarifications will certainly not alleviate all of your frustrations. I want to note that the design philosophy behind this Reputation was to specifically thank the players who purchase the best-selling items on the Cartel Market, the packs. I hope those clarifications can alleviate some of your concerns, however, please keep the feedback coming. As you explore the system we want to hear your thoughts and will be keeping an eye on this thread.

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