SWTOR 2.0 Public Test Server Known Issues

The following are those issues known to exist on the current build on the PTS for SWTOR 2.0:


  • The Character Copy tool does not currently transfer a character’s credits.

Classes and Combat

Jedi Consular
  • The new Jedi Shadow ability “Phase Walk” does not play its intended sound effect.
Sith Inquisitor
  • The new Sith Assassin ability “Phase Walk” does not play its intended sound effect.

Companion Characters

  • Companions do not auto-summon as intended when dismounting vehicles.

Flashpoints and Operations

  • Players are currently able to access Nightmare Mode for Terror From Beyond. This content is still under development and is not currently in testing.
  • The mapnotes do not properly direct players to the appropriate location for [Weekly] Terror From Beyond: Defeat Operation IX (Any Difficulty Mode).


  • Some Achievements may not grant properly when unlock conditions are met.

Items and Economy

  • Vendor refunds for items purchased with Commendations will count towards the new weekly Commendation limit and may result in a loss in Commendations if the refund amount goes above the limit.

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