F2P to Launch November 15th

Cartel Market

It is official folks. Free to Play option for Star Wars: The Old Republic will become available on the live servers November 15th along with the 1.5 content patch. During yesterday’s Q&A session with the press and fansites it was revealed that the launch of free to play is to take place next Thursday. Among other important information we found out that Cartel Coins (currency you will be using in the cash shop to purchase items) will be sold in several packages and the smallest package will be $4.99 for 450 Coins (that is 90 coins per 1$). The largest package will be $39.99 for 5500 Coins (137 coins per 1$) and there will be packages in between for a yet undisclosed sum. All of this will be available at buy.swtor.com. People that chose to subscribe will get 500 complimentary cartel coins so they can buy stuff from the store – like

We will also be updating our database with the new data from the Free to Play patch. This will be the first major update of SWTOR Spy since patch 1.2 and we are happy to be able to welcome the Free to Play players with new data and our world famous guides.

Check out the F2P preview video that was released along with the official F2P announcement:

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