Server Difficulties

You probably noticed that we had some 26 hours of downtime and about 36 hours of bad connectivity in the previous 10 days. I would like to offer some explanation to all our visitors so you better understand the cause for all this. There are two major issues that contributed to the overall outage. SWTOR Spy was a victim of a Denial of Service attack that started on 14. Feb 2012. at 10:54 AM. Denial of Service attack (or DDOS) is when a network of “zombie computers” starts sending fake traffic and network requests to our server. Because of the size of the attack our hosting company had to shut down the server in order to protect their complete network infrastructure (or so we were told).

The attack lasted for several hours during which we were not accessible. Unfortunately, after the attack was done, due to an error by the hosting company’s support staff we were down for another 4 hours until I managed to pinpoint the problem and have them resolve it. For the next 24 hours we noticed poor connectivity with the server and a lot of our visitors having trouble loading pages. Hosting company suddenly realized that there is an actual hardware problem with our server, which is the second major issue that affected our website being online. Unfortunately, it took the hosting company 13 hours to replace the faulty hardware and bring the server back online in working condition.

We are currently in the process of changing our hosting company, because we firmly believe issues could and should have been dealt with in a more professional manner and we are working on providing redundant setups so that we can be online even if hardware fails. We would like to thank all of our visitors for showing support for our ongoing issues. If you want to keep up-to-date with what is happening with SWTOR Spy I recommend you follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page because we will be posting prompt updates there whenever something major is happening.

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