SWTOR Halloween items availabe in the Cartel Market

TRK-R Treatment Chamber

Star Wars fans will be super excited about today’s Cartel Market update, because it’s pretty easy to guess that new items will be Halloween themed. According to Eric Musco, SWTOR’s Community Manager, a bunch of new items will be available in the Cartel market for a limited time until November 4th.

  • Walkhar Trickster – 1800 CC
  • Ghostly Magus Armor Set – 1000 CC
  • Ethereal Rakling (Minipet) – 140 CC
  • Phantasmal Rakling (Minipet) – 140 CC
  • Statue of the Agonized (Decoration) – 150 CC
  • Thranta Trophy (Decoration) – 130 CC
  • Infected Tree (Decoration) – 120 CC
  • Returning Item! TRK-R Treatment Chamber – 1200 CC

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