SWTOR Atlanta Cantina Tour content and screenshots

SWTOR Atlanta Cantina Tour flash drive contains latest information about Game Update 2.7: Invasion. Check out what’s coming:

Game Update 2.7: Invasion

  • Two new Flashpoints on Tython and Korriban kick off a huge new storyline “Forged Alliances” where the Imperial and Republic forces will directly confront each other. Be prepared to invade the enemy’s land and defend your own home world as you meet a host of new intriguing characters, including the adventurous Theron Shan, the son of Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan, and a sophisticated Sith Lord named Lana Beniko whose passion lies in unraveling secrets behind the enemies of the Empire.

  • Prepare to dodge enormous capital ships and enemy attacks in factional space battles in the new Galactic Starfighter Battle Zone, Denon! Rivaling Coruscant in size, Denon’s densely populated cities form a mesmerizing display of lights that provide the perfect backdrop for visceral Star Wars™ dogfights as you fight with your friends for control of this critical hyperspace junction. Find out more at www.swtor.com/galactic-starfighter.

  • Baron Deathmark is expanding the brutal game of Huttball to Quesh! This new PvP Warzone’s vertical layout means you and your team will need to work together to climb up structures instead of across a field to score points. Plus, use the new “grappling blasters” located throughout the ground to propel yourself to the level above. Happy climbing!

Get ready for new Cartel Market items:

  • Ready for new Cartel Packs? Check out the new armor and vehicles coming in the Space Jockey Pack and the Hot Shots Starfighter Pack. From the bright neon K-23 Hazmat Armor to the uniquely shaped Razalon FC-1 Vehicle, the Cartel Market is your one stop shop for all the coolest new items in the galaxy!

Special thanks to HochiLC@reddit for providing us all information.

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