Things that we’ve done so far

Between the moment the beta NDA dropped and the first day of Early access a lot has happened here on SWTOR Spy. We have been so busy that we failed to keep you updated with all the changes. This post is here to rectify this.

We firmly believe that a SWTOR Database needs to do three things. One is to provide as much information from and about the game as possible. The second is that the information should be provided to our visitors and that our visitors should not have to provide information to us in order to have complete info about a subject. The third principle is to not just have a dump of data, but that data should be customized by humans and for humans! That is why each of our site’s sections has something that was customized or created by us and our collaborators. We are a database with the least visitor submitted content and we are proud of that. That means you as a visitor didn’t have to work for us, but instead, we provided information to you.

Here are the things that happened on the site since our last update:
  1. Our quests database has been updated with more than 400 quest guides. These are screenshots provided for each quest step taken by our staff and uploaded for you to find your way in the quest easier. For each of these quests these screenshots tell a story of how the quest can be completed. These help you decide which choice to make and how to get to it. We’ve also updated the quests information with dark/light side point gains and item rewards have been linked to our items database, with a tooltip showing when you mouse over them. There are still all quest rewards to be shown for all quests but that will surely come in one of the next builds.
  2. We Have localized our quests database to French and German. We are very proud of this accomplishment because we are the first SWTOR database in the world to have done this.
  3. Datacron locations database has been updated with new planets and entries.
  4. The items database has been filled with in-game items and is now fully searchable. It is still in the beta stage, but you can already test our equip mechanism that will let you equip the items you think are best for you character and create an item build to strive for.
  5. Our companion database has been updated with gift information and the latest information from the game’s client.
  6. We have released 13 high quality guides on various topics and there are more to come before launch.
  7. We have added all Codex entries from the game to the database and we have also made it possible for you to browse them by planet – as requested by a SWTOR fan on Twitter.
  8. Skill Tree Calculator has been updated with the latest information and various bugs have been fixed. We are also very proud to announce that we have released a German version of the Talent calculator as a world exclusive. French version is incoming.
  9. We have started our Named and Boss Mobs database with their loot distribution including all World Bosses currently in the game.

Next to come is an update to our codex where we will manually insert locations and screenshots to help you find a particular codex entry. This will be a combination of our existing Lore Object database and the Codex database. We will also finalize the first version of our items database as soon as possible. Finally, we hope to bring you soon a fixed and functional Crew Skills database, because the current version is more of a placeholder than anything else.

It has been a frantic couple of weeks, but we have accomplished a lot. We are seeing an incredible number of visitors ever since Early Access began and we thank you all for coming. Stick around because this is just the beginning.

2 Responses to Things that we’ve done so far

  1. Comment by Kieran made on December 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    Can your confirm whether the effulgent and untied bonuses in your companions db are actually different?

    • Comment by Kieran made on December 14, 2011 at 6:31 pm

      That should be efficiency and untyped.damn you autocorrect!