SWTOR Super Secret Space Project Part 2

Yesterday, I spotted on reddit an interesting post about upcoming ship models. According to swtor_miner, a skillful data miner, the latest PTS Patch Notes added a huge number of SSSP-related files to the game. Important note: All information and screenshots are speculations and maybe will not be implemented with SWTOR Update 2.4.

In the list below you can read some highlights and observations what Super Secret Space Project might consist of:

One Response to SWTOR Super Secret Space Project Part 2

  1. Comment by Azer Draco made on October 5, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I’ve heard some interesting tidbits about this as well. Seems the devs have finally decided to “fix” the lackluster space combat engine on SWTOR. From the few bits and pieces that I have been able to piece together from numerous conversations:

    1) Space combat (PvE) is going to be redesigned to be more controllable by the player. It is highly likely to still “pay homage to the movies”, so don’t look for EVE or STO style space combat. Maybe just being able to control throttle and/or possibly laying out your “on the rails” course before entering the mission…

    2) Player are most likely going to be using their CURRENT ship in this new content, BUT it is highly likely that we will see “new ships” (in the form of a skin over current content) released for individuals to “personalize their starships”.

    Personally, I don’t see any of this coming any sooner than Update 3.0, mostly for the fact that this content would require a COMPLETE OVERHAUL of the entire space engine currently in the game.

    But hey, here’s hoping.