Swtor Bounty Brokers Association Reputation Gear

Swtor Bounty Brokers Association Reputation Gear can be obtain by completing event: Bounty Contract Week. Take a look at our gallery and find out what customizations, armor, weapons, companions, speeders and pets are available on PTS.

List and standings required to obtain reputation items

Rank Reputation Piece Price (credits)
Outsider Lobelot – pet 55 000

Adaptive Armor Set (Bounty Tracker)

Sniper Rifle

Blaster Rifle

325 000

250 000

250 000


Treek Customization

Blaster Pistol

250 000

250 000


Adaptive Armor Set (Contract Hunter)

Sniper Rifle

Blaster Rifle

Swamp Kell Drake – pet

465 000

750 000

750 000

500 000


Adaptive Armor (Master Hunter’s Headgear)

BH-7X Custom Hunter Speeder

100 000

500 000


HK-51 Customization

Drink Server Probet – pet

1 000 000

750 000

  6 195 000

Reputation Items Appearance

Adaptive Armor Set

Adaptive Weapons

BH-7X Custom Hunter

Companion Customization


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