SWTOR Tauntaun Mounts

SWTOR fans prepare your saddle for Tauntaun Mounts because they are coming soon. Since the launch of the game, many players have been wondering when a new type of speeders will be available. Their wishes are fulfilled with a brand new animal mount Tauntaun. It’s still a mystery to us, the way how to obtain this mount. Maybe the mount will be a reward for finishing some story line, or, perhaps, it can be bought in the Cartel Market.

Tauntaun Mount

What information about Tauntauns do we know so far? They were found at icy planet Hoth, where they represent indigenous species. Their thick layers of fat and fur, made them irreplaceable transportation resource. Although they are well adapt to Hoth’s daily temperature, during the night they require shelter from icy cold weather. They are snow lizards species that The Rebel Alliance used for their patrol duties outside Echo Base. Does it mean only Republic players will be able to use them as mounts?

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